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April 1, 2017 – June 30, 2017 ...

Hunting Freedom exhibit ImageAn Exhibit at the Alexander Majors House Museum

Hunting Freedom is an temporary exhibit at the Wornall house which explores the end of slavery on the Kansas-Missouri border, focusing on the role of African Americans in this unique history. Learn how the situation in the contested border state created opportunities for enslaved Missourians to seek freedom and hear previously untold stories of the brave individuals who used the chaos on the border to hunt for freedom.

The Kansas-Missouri border provides a unique view into the process of emancipation. The presence of the Union army, the proximity of free states, the division of white society, and the mobility and knowledge of enslaved people living in small-scale slavery allowed enslaved Missourians to gain freedom earlier and in greater numbers than many other states.

Open during normal tour hours and is included with the house admission. A self-guided tour of the exhibit only is $5.

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