Past Meetings

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John Moloski presents "General Joseph Shelby"John Moloski presents "General Joseph 'Jo' Shelby, U.S. Marshal" at the September meeting of the Civil War Round Table of Western Missouri.

Larry Wood presents "Bushwhacker Belles"What do you think your reaction would be if your sister, girlfriend, mother or wife were thrown in jail, guilty or not? This is what men had to deal with during the Civil War. Many women throughout Missouri were incarcerated. Some were guilty, others not. This was the theme and message of Larry Wood’s presentation at the August meeting of the Civil War Round Table of Western Missouri. Titled “Bushwhacker Belles”, Larry’s talk provided insight into how women were treated and their exploits that caused this treatment. Our members that attended enjoyed themselves listening to Larry’s many tales of daring. Wish you could have been there. Next month don’t miss the opportunity to hear John Moloski present a program on General Joseph Shelby.

"Bushwhacker Belles" by Larry Wood

Jim Beckner gives a presentation on "Confederate Veterans Homes"This month was our annual indoor picnic!  Lots of great food was homecooked side dishes and desserts were shared with the CWRTWM provided fried chicken.  To top it off, Jim Beckner gave an excellent presentation on "The Story of the Confederate Veterans Home at Higginsville, MO" including a short history of the creation of Confederate various veteran's homes across the country and their locations.  It was interesting to learn that, without federal funding, how the Confederate veterans who weren't able to care for themselves were cared for.

For our next month's meeting, Bob Ford is scheduled to give a presentation on the "Civil War in St. Joe".  You won't want to miss this one.

Pat Gradwohl presents Sarah Elder with the CWRTWM Monuments Book Vol 2 after Sarah's talk on "The Civil War in St. Joseph, MO"29 members were present at the July meeting of the Civil War Round Table of Western Missouri.  Hold it, make that 30.  We added a new member.  29 or 30, all present enjoyed a wonderful fact filled presentation by Sarah Elder on how the Civil War effected St. Joseph, MO.  We often concentrate so hard on the war in Jackson County that we sometimes forget that other communities suffered.  Sarah brought compelling stories of how the citizens survived the war.  If the number of questions asked is any indication, our members were engaged and intrigued by the presentation.  So, next month on Wednesday, August 14 at 7 PM please count yourself in and join us as Larry Wood presents the Bushwhacker Belles.

Jim Ogle of Freedom's Frontier presents "History of the State of Kansas"What was your reason this time?  No, that’s ok. I don’t need to know.  I do know that you missed an extremely interesting presentation by Jim Ogle of Freedom’s Frontier on the Quindaro National site.  You know the one that has been on all the news.  If you could have been with the 24 other history buffs, you would have learned the inside skinny on what the future looks like for the site.  Oh well, too late now.

What isn’t too late is to plan for our June meeting.  It’s our annual picnic and if the past predicts the future then good food will abound.  But, I can’t forget our speaker, Jim Beckner a long time friend and regional expert on the Confederate Home at Higginsville, Missouri, the subject of his presentation.  Please join us for food, fellowship and to gain some knowledge of how the Confederate Veteran and spouse were cared for in their declining years.

~ Mike Calvert, President
~ Photo by Paul Bond