Past Meetings

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Keith Nelson speaks on the Chouteau family's impact on MissouriTerry Chronister, Second VP, reported 34 members in attendance for the April meeting.  Can you count yourself among the 34?  If not, you missed an interesting presentation on the importance of the Chouteau family in the early development of Jackson and Clay counties.

Here is your warning, next month Jim Ogle of Freedom’s Frontier will present on the history of Kansas.  The histories of Kansas and Missouri are forever intertwined.  I urge you to come join us to discover or justify, just what is a “Jayhawk” and why would anyone want that particular symbol for their university.  I’m baffled.

~ Mike Calvert, President
~ Photo by Charles Childs

Doug Richardson speaks on the campaign for Ft. Donelson at the March meeting of the CWRTWMRight now, you just looked at your calendar and discovered you missed the March meeting of the Round Table.  You remember, the one I told you about last month.  Let me tell you what you missed:

    1. Doug Richardson of the National Park Service relating the campaign for Ft. Donelson
    2. A master story teller making history come alive
    3. Fellowship with other people that share your interest in  Civil War history

Thirty one members and guests sat spell bound as the human story of a decisive campaign (historians will say where the end of the Civil War began) was unfolded for them by Doug.

Get out your calendar and mark Wednesday, April 10 as the night you will be at the Civil War Round Table of Western Missouri’s membership meeting to hear historian Keith Nelson present the “The History of Missouri and the Chouteau Family.”  Don’t regret not being there.

~ Mike Calvert, President
~ Photo by Charles Childs

Barbara Hughes speaking on National Battlefields that are catering to bird watchersWednesday, February 13, the Civil War Round Table of Western Missouri held their annual night of show and tell.  Twenty nine members and visitors came and learned about personal family histories, the effect the war had on civilians and were brought up to date on the "goings on" of our local partners in history.  It is our annual night for all to share about what interests them.  A great night with great sharing.  Wish you were there.

The photo, taken by Charles Childs, is of Barbara Hughes speaking on a summer 2018 National Parks magazine article entitled "Birds on the Battlefield" that discusses how National Battlefields are catering to bird watchers.  The battlefields are natural habitats for many species of birds and other wildlife, drawing birders and other wildlife watchers.  Once the get to the parks, they learn about the history and fall in love with the parks.

I'm really looking forward to next month on March 13 when Doug Richardson, the Chief of Interpretation at the Harry S Truman National Historic Site, will present to us his program on the Battle of Fort Donelson.  Doug will bring his unique insight into the battle, gained from his time stationed there for the National Park Service.  Put it on your calendar.  You don't want to be saying next month "Wish I was there."

~ Mike Calvert, President
~ Photo by Charles Childs